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I just took a position as an iOS developer, however since we build off the Oracle Retail frameworks I needed a Java reference to keep nearby. Simple to understand, useful code examples, and fair use of the enormous Java library reachable through a simple import. Bruce’s examples are clear and he makes intermediate topics easy to grasp. This book seem to contain all stuff you need, so far.

In the fourth edition, the author has tried to fully integrate improvements Java SE5 / 6, to enable and use them throughout the book. It’s long deprecated, reaching only java 6. We are now at Java 11(at my time of writing).

If there are any important changes by the time Java SE6 is officially released, these will be reflected in the book’s source code, which is downloadable from One of the important goals of this edition is to completely absorb the improvements of Java SE5/6, and to introduce and use them throughout this book.

If you want to learn Java, this book is for you. This is probably the best book about the language (at least that’s what I’ve heard ;)). However, maybe that’s because of translation (I’ve read it in Polish), sometimes the book was really difficult to read and understand. Good intro to Java, although it’s a bit outdated now (the fourth edition focuses on Java 5 while the latest standard is Java 8 from 2014), but it’s good to have an idea of several aspects of the language.

It definitely expanded my vision and understanding of the programming world of Java. They would serve much better as a reference rather than to teach something about the language itself. Nevertheless they absolutely satisfied my curiosity at the points where I had some extra in my bag. Next we explain how to use control structures for selection and looping.

So by going through this one, you’ll miss out on a lot of important changes, especially as Java 8 was a pretty big update in the Java-language. I read Head First Java, before going through this one, and I have to say it did teach me quite a bit more than the HFJ-book did. This book is very detailed, and gives a decent introduction.

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Because of my continuing study of design patterns, more patterns have been introduced throughout the book as well. The code in this book was successfully tested with a release candidate of Java SE6, so I do not expect any changes that will affect the content of this book.

But we haven’t ignored programs that input and output text – they are also included. The programs we present use many of the features of a graphical user interfaces (GUIs), such as buttons, scroll bars and text boxes. But we also explain how to write console programs in Java.

The other theme in this cover suggests a collection box that a naturalist might use to display the insect specimens that he or she has preserved. These insects are objects that are placed within the box objects. The box objects are themselves placed within the “cover object,” which illustrates the fundamental concept of aggregation in object-oriented programming. The book has undergone significant reorganization.

Therefore discussed in each chapter features of the language are inextricably linked with the way they are used for specific tasks. Give students basic knowledge and skills of object-oriented programming in the Java language. To give students the basic knowledge and skills of multithreaded and network programming in the IntelliJIDEA environment. Thinking in Java is getting on 10 years old and is desperately in need of a new version.

However, I produced the camera-ready pages myself, so the typesetting errors are mine. Microsoft ® Word XP for Windows was used to write the book and to create camera-ready pages in Adobe Acrobat; the book was created directly from the Acrobat PDF files.

We introduce new ideas carefully one-at-a-time, rather than all at once. So, for example, there is a single chapter on writing methods. We introduce simple ideas early and more sophisticated ideas later on. ZAlerts allow you to be notified by email about the availability of new books according to your search query. A search query can be a title of the book, a name of the author, ISBN or anything else.

  • As well as using a programming environment NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 i IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1.
  • It is essential to the programming languages of today schedule.
  • The aim of the work is the development of a graphical editor for drawing two-dimensional graphics, the development of primary and basic tools for editing graphics using the Java programming language and Java 2D APIs.

I began using Enterprise Architect from Sparxsystems on this book, and it has rapidly become my UML tool of choice. Marco Hunsicker’s Jalopy code formatter () came in handy on numerous occasions, and Marco was very helpful in configuring it to my particular needs. I’ve also found Slava Pestov’s JEdit and plug-ins to be helpful at times () and it’s quite a reasonable beginner’s editor for seminars. Ervin found errors and made improvements to the book that were invaluable additions to this text. His thoroughness and attention to detail are amazing, and he’s far and away the best technical reader I’ve ever had.

философия java

Much of this has come from the teaching process together with a realization that, perhaps, my perception of what a “chapter” was could stand some rethought. I have tended towards an unconsidered belief that a topic had to be “big enough” to justify being a chapter. So in this философия java version of the book I’ve tried to break chapters up by topic, and not worry about the resulting length of the chapters. There is also the challenge that whispers in the back of my brain, that of making the book something that owners of previous editions will want to buy.

The 3rd and 4th came from Crested Butte, Colorado. The body typeface is Georgia and the headlines are in Verdana. The cover typeface is ITC Rennie Mackintosh.

Then comes the treatment of how to write your own classes. We wanted to make sure that the fun element of programming was paramount, so we use философия java graphics right from the start. We think graphics is fun, interesting and clearly demonstrates all the important principles of programming.

I didn’t have time to read whole book and do all homeworks, but ok, I still think it is deepest I have concerning Java. There is a new chapter on every significant new Java SE5 language feature, and the other new features have been woven into modifications made to the existing material.

My two books for the year are “Thinking in Java” and “Nerd Ranch Guide to Android Programming”. Having read dozens of programming books over the years, my take is that the majoriy are quickly put out and cover a lot философия java of the same crud that every other book does, and in the same unfilling manner of them all. Ok, after chap 9 I had to hurry up and skipped some stuff I didn’t need. It seems chapters after 9 are more understandable.

This means that this edition takes the somewhat bold step of being “Java SE5/6-only,” and much of the code in the book will not compile with earlier versions of Java; the build system will complain and stop if you try. However, I think the benefits are worth the risk.

I reccomend buying it in english, you have bargain priced books here. You also need to buy solutions for exercises for 20 bucks, so far there are solutions for 2nd edition exercises and 3rd edition.

However, there isn’t another book out there with the breadth and depth of Eckel’s work. It not only covers the language in great detail but also best practice. If you grab this, Bloch’s Effective Java and the Manning book on Java 8 you have everything you need for a solid grounding in Java.

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Coming from C++ I found it entertaining and clear, the auther often makes a parallel between both languages. I’ll try to compensate by reading Java 8 in Action next.

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