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Brokersumo is a newer brokerage backend software that was acquired by Inside Real Estate as part of their family of tools that includes kvCORE and Circlepix. It is robust for the price, including transaction and commission tracking, accounting tools, reporting, agent onboarding, Quickbooks integrations, and even ACH and agent billing features. Real estate brokerage systems can work as a fully-integrated solution with accounting, CRM, commissions and sales analysis, or it can be a single-application solution providing one of those needed tools .

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HomeOpenly is a user-friendly start-up designed to change the way real estate representation search is done, unbiased and referral-free. Capita Mortgage Software Solutions Limited provides a mortgage origination and servicing software solution.

This package also includes integration of one QuickBooks account and one MLS account. Brokerage Engine is a back office management solution for residential real estate brokerages encompassing all aspects of accounting, compliance, marketing management and agent engagement. Loft is a commissions management engine that tracks commissions and automates agent fees to make paying out commissions simple. Loft tightly integrates with other real estate applications so you get access to best-in-class tools for your brokerage. We automate the back office so you can stay focused on the business of real estate.

It also performs automatic compliance checks and can be integrated with other industry software tools. You can experience its features at no cost through a limited-time demo account. ETNA Broker Back Office is a web platform designed to automate back office operations for online brokerages, trading firms and wealth management firms. From client onboarding and communication to order routing, commission monitoring and compliance reporting.

The platform’s auditing tools allow you to protect all of your data and let you view archived data. Brokers who use BackAgent’s transaction management features can create custom, transaction-specific workflows, generate checklists, and add transaction dates to office calendars.

ETNA Back Office with OMS and Trading API takes care of a full trade order lifecycle and simplifies back office operations while providing real-time control and monitoring for businesses. Brokers broker back office software can use TotalBrokerage to establish agent and team-specific commission splits. The software then helps brokers and agents track individual expenses, calculate profits, and file tax documents.

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Built specially for real estate brokers, this software tool provides them with access to an online presence. Moxi Works enables real estate brokers to develop tailor-made websites. The software also gives them tools for maximized lead capture. This real estate brokerage software management tool can be integrated with other real estate management software.

G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from our user community, as well as data aggregated from online broker back office software sources and social networks. G2 takes pride in showing unbiased reviews on user satisfaction in our ratings and reports.

broker back office software

Track and protect the trust/escrow funds coming into your brokerage without creating broker back office software a separate GL. Get real-time analytics and reports on all the metrics that matter.

  • TotalBrokerage is an all-in-one real estate broker software, starting at $99 per month, that lets brokers handle lead management and nurturing, marketing, transaction management, and bookkeeping in one place.
  • Because of these integrated tools, the software is best for large teams that want to streamline all of their office processes with a turnkey brokerage management solution.
  • However, it lacks features like MLS integration, commission reporting, and QuickBooks integration that come standard with other options we considered, like BrokerSumo.
  • Brokermint’s entry-level package, Simple Start, includes basic real estate broker software tools like transaction management.
  • In addition to that, they can use this commercial real estate broker software to produce financial statements, generate invoices and track escrow funds.
  • A unique feature of this software is that it enables real estate brokers to create commission splits that are fully customizable.

Real estate broker software is used to streamline broker-specific tasks like agent and transaction management. If you are a smaller business with just a few agents, I actually recommend looking at some of the TMS software first. Many have some useful brokerage tools while still serving as a very robust transaction management solution. You can then grow into some of the dedicated broker back-office tools.


The platform also features automatic closing document generation and creates transaction reports for your team and agents—all online. BackAgent is also integrated with zipForm® Plus, which lets agents complete forms without leaving the BackAgent platform. BrokerSumo lets brokers manage their teams’ transaction pipelines and automatically calculates agent commissions based on agent-specific commission plans.

Empower your Agents to Simplify & Automate their open house Lead Generation with The Most Powerful Open House Management Platform in the Industry. OHGuests helps agents capture leads at their open house, securely and easily.

BrokerSumo also gives brokers the tools to onboard new agents and manage agent performance. Finally, brokers have the option to add integrations for Zoho Reports and QuickBooks. Market Leader helps brokers streamline the lead generation, management, and nurturing process for your agents. However, unlike the other real estate broker software we evaluated, Market Leader does not include back-office management tools for commission tracking, agent payment, or accounting. Unlike the other platforms we considered, BackAgent does not offer a commission management tool or accounting services.

The Rules became enforceable from May 2018 and they are more stringent than preceding legislation. Compliance is compulsory so each member state does not have to ratify them broker back office software into its own law. Stocks and options trading simulator is the perfect way to open platform to new prospective clients without risk, educate traders and test new models.

Know-Your-Customer is an important procedure for any broker and exchange. We can offer ready integration with the leading global KYC providers and integrate any of them free of charge.

What Is Real Estate Brokerage Software?

In addition to this we give you the supporting tools of a CRM including Contracting Management, Quote Management and so much more in your subscription.

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It also provides you with a workflow engine that guarantees paperless transactions. The software can be manipulated from your computer and also through a mobile app. Backagent provides real estate brokers with information from professional industry websites.

broker back office software