Thread: How can I ask her to delete her online dating profile?

Thread: How can I ask her to delete her online dating profile?

Just how do I ask her to delete her online profile that is dating?

We came across my girlfriend on OK Cupid, that is a dating site. We have been now formally dating (at the time of Thursday), its facebook official, every thing. I acquired a message from okay Cupid about another match or something like that yesterday, fed up with getting e-mails We logged back to my account to deactivate it and noticed her profile had been nevertheless active too and therefore she had signed on that time (it was yesterday). We continued and deactived my account. Interested but, i acquired right back on(you can still search without an account) and noticed her account is still up and that she was active on the site again now today.

I am convinced she actually is perhaps maybe not seeing other people bes

Her(face-to-face), casually say something along the lines of: “I deactivated my account yesterday since we are now together” when you next see.

Offer a big laugh

. See what her effect is.

It really is too soon to begin making needs, nonetheless, it is really not a a valuable thing that she’s nevertheless on the webpage checking other males away. She will delete her profile on that site and simply open a different one on another dating internet site. (more…)

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