“just what are these folks fans of? Comics? Animation? ” —Rob Paulsen

“just what are these folks fans of? Comics? Animation? ” —Rob Paulsen

“Actually, they truly are fans of each and every other. ” —Mark Evanier

The thing that is troubling “furry” to us mundanes is the sexualizing of something that is fundamentally very rooted into the juvenile. It really is just as if that innocent, pure sense of cuddling along with your favorite teddy bear when you are three to four years of age happens to be twisted into one thing terrible and impure.

Watching Disney’s Robin Hood is regarded as my cherished youth memories. But seeing it perverted into something apart from its innocent youthful origins is profoundly troubling in a manner that considering Trekkies doing it isn’t.

All of those anthropomorphized characters were stand-ins for us kids in a way that Kirk and Spock never were in some way. Hence, there is an obscure, subconscious section of pedophilia that is hard for us to shake.

This is a done well article, nevertheless the whole time, the actual only real idea during my mind ended up being just exactly just how this short article’s best issue had been they are Misunderstood” that it could just as easily have been titled “Furries Claim.

A few people have raised a whitewashing/denialist aspect to this short article, and it’s really real that an element of the fandom happens to be attempting to downplay the intimate elements (despite the fact that they may be clearly current). (more…)

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